WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

One of the latest trends in web development noawadays is the use of Bootstrap. It’s a CSS and .js framework that allows your site to have a faster funcionality.

Here’s a plugin that’s created by dlgoodchild and paultgoodchild, called , which links the latest Bootstrap CSS and .js to all pages in all WP themes.

Its functions include:
1. Customizability with built-in LESS Compiler.
2. No programming needed.
3. Works well with any WP themes without editing its theme files.
4. Options to add javascript to

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10 Ruby Capabilities You Might Not Know About

Today’s programming tips and tricks come in the form of a slideshow presentation created by James Edward Gray II for his role as a speaker in the Aloha Ruby Conference held in Honolulu on October 2012. His talk featured a collection of various Ruby
capabilities that programmers either tend to overlook or are completely unaware of, hence the title of his talk, 10 Things You Didn’t Know Ruby Could Do.

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How to Create Your Own Dynamic Particle Explosion

Here’s another featured tutorial which I’m pretty sure will boost your designing prowess. It’s from graphic designer Nathan Brown who shows you how you can create your own dynamic particle explosion by using Wegraphics’ brush set freebies.

So to do this design, first you have to download their free Dust Particles brush set which is available via this site. Photoshop is also used in creating this with Brown using its CS5 version.

You will definitely get awed at how surprising and impressive the resulting effect would be, so try out this step-by-step tutorial now. Enjoy!
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Ratchet: A Nice Tool For Prototyping iOS Apps

If you’re currently working on developing an app for the iPhone then you might want to give our featured web development tool for today a whirl. Ratchet is a UI framework powered primarily by CSS and a little bit of JavaScript implemented through simple HTML. It is a nice prototype tool that allows you to easily create iPhone app layouts using the three aforementioned programming languages.

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Creating a Beautiful CSS3 Image Gallery with Dynamic Fading Caption Text

There are many tutorials on how to create image galleries and one of these that I found easy to follow is by Jake of Vandelay Design. His creation of making a standard-compliant HTML/CSS3 image gallery with dynamic fading caption text is a great addition to your design projects.

In his tutorial, the CSS3 part is easy enough for beginners, and for its HTML5, figure/figcaption syntax is used.

The animation effects are done with CSS3.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful tutorial!

What’s awesome with Jake’s creation is that much of the code can be copied/pasted to your documents and still works great. It’s also customizable so if you have any ideas to apply on this layout, you can add it up.

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Optimize Your Images with TinyPNG

TinyPNG is an online image optimizing tool which has a simple drag-and-drop feature. It also allows you to drag the images you don’t want to be compressed. Using a smart lossy compression technique, you can easily reduce the file size of your PNG files.

This is a very useful tool especially for web designers and developers who want to compress their images first before uploading them online. This reduction makes for faster image loading time in your website. All you have to do is upload your PNG files into the website’s dropbox and that’s it!

TinyPNG  is supported by all major browsers and even mobile devices.

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