Iron Man 3 villain revealed

Ever wonder who will be Iron Man next villain in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie? guess what it will be James Badge Dale he was a star on the Pacific, Rubicon, and 24. James signed a deal to make in to a project in the Iron Man as a villain. According to iPodder blog post on Iron Man 3 new villain it also reported that Guy Pierce and Ben Kingsly will be in the movie as well.

Check out the outfit below on what the villain will be look like …awesome isn’t it it bare resemble that of a Captain America on steroids.


Zhang Ziyi investigated

A Chinese Hollywood Star Zhang Ziyi who played a major role in various films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Rush Hour 2 was investigated because of a Sex Scandal that linked her with Bo Xilai, China’s former Minister of Commerce according to iPodder Podcast blog post. You can read in the whole article here on Zhang Ziyi Prostitution Scandal Being Investigated on how did the investigation started out.