Born and Raised John Meyer’s song debut as number 1

John Meyer’s new album Born and Raised has become number 1 in Billboard charts according to Online-Radio Station blog post. And it already sold in around 219,000 copies of the album during it’s first weeks according to  Nielsen Soundscan.

“In a world of schemes and strategies when it comes to selling something, you guys just bought music you trusted you’d like. That is so cool and rare and all the marketeers in the world together can’t manufacture that. I am very grateful to you.”

Born and Raised was also available on iTunes.


‘I Justed Started Hating Some People Today’ Becks new single album

According to Online Radio Station blog post Beck has just released a new single a couple of days ago called “I Justed Started Hating Some People Today” Beck’s new single album was already available online and will now soon makes it way to iTunes. Beck’s awesome new single was produced under Jack White’s Third Man Records record label. And this was also released alongside with the new B-Side Saddy Blue Randy.

Beck recently collaborated with his old buddy Jack White to release a new single on Third Man It comes with featuring Jack White contributing drums, acoustic guitar, plus punk and background vocals!

You can read the whole article here on : Beck’s Latest Single ‘I Justed Started Hating Some People Today’ Released And Available Online

RIP Pete Cosey at 68

I’ve read and found out in a blog post in Online Radio Station blog post that the great guitarist Pete Cosey a Guitar Genius he was hailed as a classic musician’s he was not well known but when you listen to his guitar playing technique you will really get inspired on playing a guitar with Pete Cosey and dream of playing a band with him. Cosey was a key player in a Chess Record during the 60’s. He became more famous when he joined with Mile’s Davis in the 70’s on the album. Here’s some excerpts on Guitar Great Pete Cosey Dead at 68 article ….

The guitar great is best known for his collaborations with Miles Davis in the early ‘70s that includes Agharta, Pangaea, and Get Up With It.

Bob Dylan was presented with Medal of Freedom

According to a blog post in Online Radio Stations artist Bob Dylan was presented a Medal of Freedom by US President Barack Obama and other 13 as well. Medal of Freedom was the highest civilian award in the United States. This is the article and you can read it on how did get the Medal of Freedom was award to Bob Dylan Honoured with Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

AI (American Idol) Champ Phillips Phillips has a huge 278k downloads on his song debut ‘Home’

I stumble upon this news from American Idol winner Phillips Phillip according to a blog post in Online Radio Stations his debu song ‘Home’ has around 278k downloads. He really has proved his critics wrong so far he also has a huge fan base. The whole article can be read here on AI Winner Phillip Phillips’ Song ‘Home’ Sells 278K Downloads and see how he got a wooping 278k download. You can also check out the video below.