Beware of the Phishing Scam Targeting Steam Login

Beware of the Phishing Scam Targeting Steam Login


Malwarebytes researchers have uncovered a phishing scam that targets Steam Logins where users are tricked into giving up their SSFN files to scammers. The scam has evolved to become an automated process.



Summer Sale Games Are Everywhere!

Summer Sale Games Are Everywhere!


So you think your wallet is safe?


Steam’s Summer Sale is still ongoing, and now two other services have joined the sale bandwagon. Sony is also hosting a Summer Sale on its PlayStation Store with huge discounts on games and movies, and GoG’s Adrenaline Rush sale features DRM-free games are selling at 50 percent off or more, plus 30 flash sales at once and a 4 secret flash giveaways each day.


Let’s Listen to Scientific American Podcast: Cool Kids, Short Shelf Life

Scientific American Podcast: Cool Kids, Short Shelf Life


Were you a cool kid back in high school? If not, then you may be luckier than you thought.


In this episode of Scientific American’s 60-Second Science Podcast, host Erika Beras shares with us her findings on how cool kids in adolescence have a greater chance of adopting risky behavior as they grow older.


Listen to Point of Inquiry Podcast: Marlene Zuk on Paleofantasies

Point of Inquiry Podcast: Marlene Zuk on Paleofantasies


It may have begun with the Paleo diet craze, where modern-day humans are strongly urged to return to our supposed evolutionary roots to lead a healthier lifestyle well away from our highly processed food diets. But is it really sound health advice to dish out to humans, to retrace our steps millions of years back? Biologist and behavioral ecologist Dr. Marlene Zuk discusses the possible myths and delusions surrounding this on this week’s episode of Point of Inquiry Podcast.