Let’s us Play Jem Match 2 Flash Game Arcade

Let’s us Play Jem Match 2 | Game Arcade

Description of the Game: If you are familiar with the BeJeweled Game than you will have no problem playing this fun Game. It’s like a mix and Match the jems and gain points. Let us see on How much can you earn?
Instructions: Make three in a row or column. Hit one jem and click on an other to switch. Good luck!



The cool Red Mouse and the pirate’s treasure

The cool Red Mouse and the pirate’s treasure | Game Arcade

Description: Red Mouse found the strange map. It is a pirate’s map of treasure, as told Red Mouse’s friend Glatton. And then the friends went to the journey for the treasure.
Instructions: only mouse, point and click


Cool and fun Gravity Survivor game

Gravity Survivor | Game Arcade

Description: The controls should be precise and you needed to control it wisely in order not to get bump or destroy to go to the next level. Beware of the gravitational forces pulling your spaceship towards the planets. Survive the dangerous journey through outer space.
Instructions: Press up or space to go forward Left arrow or a to rotate counterclockwise Right arrow or d to rotate clockwise Collect coins Avoid planets and bullets

Game Arcade GravitySurvivor

Strong brawler in London Fighter Game Arcade

The brawler London Fighter | Game Arcade

Description: You are a  lone and a very strong street fighter and a brawler wandering in the streets of London you needed to fight off a lot of tugs in order to survive. Can you handle it let’s see how strong you are. Let’s get it on!
Instructions: player1 ASWD=Move J=punch K=jump player2 ↑↓←→=Move numpad 1=punch numpad 2=jump player3 numpad 7/8/9/5=Move pagedown=punch End=jump player4 ‘[]p=move i=punch u=jump

GameArcadeLondon Fighter

Fight out on these new Battle Gear game called Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2

Fight out on these new Battle Gear game called Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2

Description: This time you play as Myth Wars, after Humaliens attacks, this time Myth Wars turn, the battle between two game finally started! Who is better between Battle Gear or Myth Wars? You Decide!
Instructions: Press [Left / Right arrows] or [A] / [D] to scroll the field. Press [Z] or [C] keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield. Press [Up / Down arrows] or [W] / [S] to control the arrow sign (only for manual Troops Appear). Press [P] to pause the game. Click units to train or use [1 .. 9] hotkeys. Read in game instructions.

Battle Gears vs Myth Wars 2